About me:

Dear Fans,

My name is Barbora Krejcikova. I was born on 18.12.1995 in Brno, the second biggest city of Czech republic. My lovely parents and grandparents never played tennis. So how did I start to play?

I have two older brothers - Martin and Petr.
When I was around 3 years old I started going to tennis club in Ivancice with my mother to accompanied my older brother Petr. He introduced me to tennis, which I started to love. I was running by tennis wall all day long and I was trying to hit the ball with board.

First few years I was attending only tennis wall in summer and in winter I played just few times in school gymnasium. Later on I started to play on clay tennis courts where I was coach by tennis coach and groundskeeper Mr. Antonin Ondra. 
My mother and brother continuously helped me at tennis club. My mum also learned how to play and she spent all the time with me at tennis club in the beginning. 

Later on I started going to practice in Brno few times a week, where I practiced two bigger tennis clubs.

When I was 15 years old I started to prepared few times a week in national tennis centre in Prostejov. Since then I was playing ITF juniors where I reached some amazing achievements.
When I turned 18 I started to practice mainly in Ivancice and Brno and I started traveling a lot around the world on WTA/ITF circuit. 


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