Auckland 2016


Prague - 26.12.2015 - 10pm, Auckland 27.12.2015 10am -->

Im not there anymore/yet. Im in Dubai, where is 1am on 27.12.2015. This is life of tennis player. Yesterday there and today somewhere else ususally hundreds or thousands kilometers far away. Someone still has Christmas, lying on sofa and watching fairytales and others see aeroplanes, cabin crew and sitting in the airport lounges.

For better or worse our journey goes smoothly and happily. After first flight from Prague to Dubai we are having nice time before 16hours flight. Actually we will be 16 hours only in the air between Dubai and Melbourne - I guess it will be so long and boring so we are trying to be on the ground as much as we can :D
Im not afraid of flying but who would like to sit for upcoming 16hours on its butt and watch the monitor on the seat before?

I guess I need to end up this story because I dont want to miss my flight haha.
I can say that my coach and I are excited and happy to start the season in Auckland in upcoming few days and we are enjoying Dubai at night with tea and


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